About Our Staff


Allison Guercio



Allison graduated from the University of  Manitoba in 2004 from the Faculty of Medical Rehabilitation and has since worked in Private Practice in Winnipeg.  She started her career at Windsor Park Physiotherapy and then moved to Pan Am Sports Physiotherapy Centre where she worked for 4 years prior to joining Kenaston Common Physiotherapy.

Allison was the Sport Medicine Council Representative for Sport Physiotherapy Canada Manitoba Division and was on the PT standards committee for the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba for 6 years.  In addition to this, she was the President of the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association from 2015-2016.

She loves being involved in sport rehabilitation and volunteers at various events including: Women’s World Hockey, Tim Horton’s Brier, Marble Baseball, Manitoba Youth Winter Games, National Ringette Championships.  Allison was the therapist for the Oak Park High School Rugby for five years. 

Currently she is the therapist for Manitoba Association of  Cheerleading Competitions where she uses her sports first responder training. Allison is a therapy provider for the Canadian Sports Centre of Manitoba which is responsible for referring elite athletes for rehabilitation.

In order to offer a variety of treatment options, Allison has taken numerous courses in manual therapy, advanced taping (including neuroproprioceptive taping), soft tissue management, ImPACT & concussion management, acupuncture, Functional Movement Screen (FMS), advanced exercise and rehabilitation and exercise essentials in Sport Physiotherapy.

EMAIL- allisong@kcphysiotherapy.com

Francesca Messina

Massage Therapist


Francesca graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2007.  Since graduation, she has taken a variety of courses including pre and post sports massage, lymphatic drainage, breast massage, and fascial integration in the upper extremity.  She utilizes a variety of techniques when treating patients such as deep tissue, swedish, trigger point, sport massage, and myofascial release.  In addition, Francesca is a practical teacher as well as the clinic coordinator at the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies.  She is also involved in various volunteer activities in the community.

Francesca is a therapy provider for the Canadian Sports Centre of Manitoba which is responsible for referring elite athletes for rehabilitation.

EMAIL- fran@kcphysiotherapy.com

Susan Siemens

Administrative Director

Susan is an experienced manager who deals with human resources and administration within the clinic who has worked at the clinic since in opened in 2009.  Her abilities make her a great resource when interacting with insurance companies and patients.  Susan has a crucial role as she coordinates all direct billing inquires.  She is also the chair of the Administrators Group for the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association.

EMAIL- susan@kcphysiotherapy.com

Bruno ConicelLA

Massage Therapist


Bruno graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Therapies in 2016.  He has taken various courses since graduation including rib mobilization, pre & post sport massage therapy which includes soft tissue release, athletic and proprioceptive taping, on site field management. Bruno utilizes specific assessment in order to give his clients an individualized treatment plan in order to gain the best results.

Since graduating, Bruno has been continuing his education in CranioSacral Therapy; a gentle touch approach to facilitate the body’s natural, self-healing mechanisim to detect and release restriction in mobility and enhance function.  Utilizing both his traditional massage and craniosacral skills, Bruno aims to treat the root cause rather than the symptoms.

Bruno is a therapy provider for the Canadian Sports Centre of Manitoba which is responsible for referring elite athletes for rehabilitation.

EMAIL- bruno@kcphysiotherapy.com

Laura Peters


Clinical Director


Laura graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in 2013 and then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2016.  Prior to completing her physiotherapy degree, Laura gained experience working as a physiotherapy assistant for almost 4 years.

During her education Laura gained a passion for orthopedic physiotherapy and more specifically manual therapy. Since graduation she has completed her Acupuncture certification and has passed the Orthopedic Level 1 exam and taking her level 2. She plans to continue her education by working towards her Orthopedic levels and taking courses in other areas to improve professional development.  In addition to her clinical work with patients she has a role as the Clinical Director within the facility.

EMAIL- laura@kcphysiotherapy.com

Laura Cowtun graduated with her Masters of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015. She has experience working with a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. In her practice, Laura uses manual techniques, exercise prescription and therapeutic modalities to treat and help prevent future injury. She is particularly interested in treating patients like herself who are weekend warriors, who have recently undergone orthopaedic surgery, or who live with neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis. 

Laura has successfully challenged her Level 1 of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy Exams and plans to begin level 2 in the near future. She has also completed her acupuncture certification, dry needling, the Mackenzie Method of Diagnosis and Treatment course for low back pain, K-Taping Pro course and the David Lyndsay Hip Rehabilitation course. She also has taken an introductory level course in The Bobath Concept which is an approach to treating neurological conditions. In the future, Laura would like to take courses in Functional Movement Screening.

Laura sits on the Board for the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association.  She enjoys running and has completed several half marathons. She also enjoys weightlifting and spending her free time with family and friends.

EMAIL- laurac@kcphysiotherapy.com

Laura Cowtun



Ron Gall



Ron Gall graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1986 with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy. Ron has spent most of his career in private practice working primarily in orthopedic and sports physiotherapy. He spent twenty years working at the Pan Am clinic with the Sports Physiotherapy Center and subsequently an additional four years with Lifemark. 

During his time at the Pan Am clinic he offered support to the orthopedic surgery clinic as well as assisting with foot and ankle courses.  He has a vast knowledge in the assessment and treatment of both spinal as well as peripheral joint injuries. He offers extensive experience in joint and soft tissue mobilization, manipulation and exercise prescription. Since 1991 he has also been practicing acupuncture and has assisted with the teaching of acupuncture to physiotherapists in Manitoba. His interests include biomechanics of the foot and ankle; assessment and prescription of custom orthotics and footwear including fabrication and modification of soft orthotics. He is also proficient in running injuries and prevention, including minimalist footwear.   Ron is a strong believer in lifelong learning and regularly participates in continuing education in order to provide his patients with the most current evidence-based treatments.

When not treating patients Ron practices what he preaches making time for regular exercise including walking, jogging, cycling, yoga and weight training. He also loves spending time with his family and friends at the cottage.

EMAIL- ron@kcphysiotherapy.com


Guylaine Brais

Massage Therapist


Mikaela Werlitz

Massage Therapist

RMT, Yoga Instructor

Guylaine graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Therapies in 2017.  She is trained in therapeutic massage and has taken courses in facial integration and rib mobilization. She utilizes assessment to determine a specialized treatment plan for each client and integrates techniques such as intrinsic/extrinsic, trigger point, Swedish and myofascial release into her massage treatments.


EMAIL- guylaine@kcphysiotherapy.com

Mikaela graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2019. She is trained in therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, myofascial release, hot stone massage, reflexology and pregnancy massage.  In 2016 Mikaela completed her yoga teacher training in Montreal and is a certified Moksha/Modo Yoga Instructor.  She has a passion for mindfulness and practices treating the human body as a whole. Mikaela has an understanding of associated conditions and how everything in the body connects together: mind, body and spirit.

EMAIL- mikaela@kcphysiotherapy.com

KRisty Loewen

Nutrition Counselor

Food Coach

Kristy has her Bachelor’s Degree in Science majoring in Human Nutritional Services and does Nutritional Counseling.  She focuses on WHY you hold onto extra weight, WHY you over-eat, and WHY you binge-eat...among other topics. There are scientific explanations as to why these situations can happen in your body and how they affect you.  You will be surprised by this revolutionary approach to food and nutrition that gets results when nothing else has worked.


EMAIL- kristylowen@outlook.com

Jasmine STromberg


MPT, B. Kin

Jasmine graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master’s of Physiotherapy in 2018 after attaining a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2016.  While completing her studies, Jasmine has worked for a number of years as a strength and conditioning coach with both professional and amateur athletes.  Jamine has completed the Level 1 Advanced Orthopaedic and plans to continue taking orthopaedic levels in the future.

Her interest in physiotherapy stems from many years of competitive sports. She has a passion for helping others improve their quality of life and optimizing injury recovery and functional movement. Jasmine has a strong interest in combining manual therapy, patient education and exercise prescription.  Another interest of hers is Stroke rehabilitation and offering physiotherapy to people in their home.

Jasmine strives to provide the best service possible to her clients and plans to continue furthering her education through ongoing certifications and courses.

EMAIL- jasmine@kcphysiotherapy.com

Rachel graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2017. She is trained in therapeutic treatment and has taken courses in rib mobilization, palliative care, Indian head massage, lymphatic integration and breast massage. From her training at Wellington College, she incorporates assessments so she can develop a specific treatment plan for her clients. 

Rachel is extremely happy to have chosen this career path, as she sees how beneficial massage therapy can be when incorporated as part of their treatment plan and how it can help people achieve their goals.

EMAIL- rachel@kcphysiotherapy.com

Rachel McKellep

Massage Therapist


Hillary Prescott



Hillary graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master’s of Physiotherapy in 2019 after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Winnipeg in 2016. Spending over a decade training as a competitive dancer, she saw the physiotherapy profession as the perfect way to blend her passion for athletics with her interest in the medical field.

Hillary emphasizes exercise and manual therapy in her approach to treatment and values the role of patient education in rehab. Hillary has achieved Levels 1 and 2 of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment course and challenged the Level 1 Advanced Orthopaedic and Manipulative Therapy exam. She intends to continue the Orthopaedic Level courses to develop her skills in manual therapy and plans to become certified in Acupuncture.

EMAIL- hillary@kcphysiotherapy.com